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Missed A Toll?

Did you recently travel on the 495 Express Lanes without an E-ZPass®?

If you traveled accidentally without an E-ZPass, you can avoid a toll invoice by paying your toll here through the Missed a Toll process.

In order to avoid a toll notice, you need to pay your toll and the small fee ($1.50 per trip) before we mail you a toll invoice. Your toll amount will usually be available for payment within 48 hours of your trip and in order to avoid the toll invoice, you must pay via Missed a Toll within 5 days of your first trip without an E-ZPass.

Here's how Missed a Toll works:

  • Enter your license plate number and approximate period of travel.
  • If we have processed your trip(s) you can pay for them right now.
  • If we have not yet processed your trip(s) and you want to avoid a toll notice, you can either:
    • Leave your email address to be notified when your trip is processed and we have it for you to review and pay.
    • Or you can leave your credit card information for an automatic payment when we process your trip.

If it has been 5 days since your first trip without an E-ZPass, you can no longer pay for your trip through the Missed a Toll process. Your toll invoice has already been processed for mailing and will require payment in full. If you have received a toll invoice, you can pay the invoice here.

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